Rwanda Huye Mountain


by Stumptown


Wake from this silky nectarine dream to the morning sunrise over Huye Mountain as it shimmers with notes of honeydew melon and fresh lime. We are delighted to welcome back Huye Mountain to our menu for the 7th year.

  • Whole Bean
  • 12oz


Producer: David Rubanzangabo

David Rubanzangabo manages two washing stations and serves over 1,200 farmers in the Huye area. He bought land near where he grew up, in the Huye district. He planted coffee, and bought his own processing equipment. He wanted to do an experiment. But once his small washing station was built, farmers came asking to sell him their cherry. The first season he produced 50 bags, and Huye Mountain Coffee was born.


Region: South Butare, Huye District, Rwanda

The farmers who deliver coffee to Huye Mountain washing station cultivate their Bourbon variety coffee in the mountain highlands within the Huye, Maraba, Mbazi and Kigoma sectors of the Huye District, with producer groups that represent the farmers in each sector.